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  • Responding to COVID as a Mental Health Funding Organization

    Coronavirus is not just a public health issue but also an issue of livelihoods, food, security, ...Read More


    We're a funding agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particular focus on makin...Read More

  • Collaborating with others to bridge the mental health care gap

    If we want to influence social change, we must work in tandem with others. At MHI, we support and...Read More

  • Challenging existing pathological representations of LGBTQIA+ lives & countering historical violence & discrimination, in mental health practice

    The edifice of mental health and psychiatry in India has been responsible for pathologizing non-n...Read More

  • How our approach has shaped the initiatives that we’ve invested in this year (2019-2020)

    At MHI we believe in a psychosocial approach to mental health – that there are critical social de...Read More

  • We fund initiatives that are user-centered, and employ a human rights-based approach

    At the onset we knew that MHI would employ an intersectional and intersectoral approach to funding.Read More

  • Working with the Government to bolster mental health care services

    MHI signs an MoU for a Technical Support Unit that will support the Government of Bihar in streng...Read More


    We're a funding agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particular focus on makin...Read More

  • The Atmiyata Story

    Centering community as a resourceRead More

  • Safeguarding Client and Counselor

    Ethical dilemmas in psychotherapy in India. Exploring the foundations for ethical practice.Read More

  • Unrecognized and Unaddressed

    Exploring the mental health gap for persons with physical and/or sensory disabilitiesRead More

  • I Walk the Line

    This article examines data from a research study that explored treatment experiences of users, an...Read More

  • The Invisible Crisis

    Sexism, twin taboos & mental Health oppressionRead More

  • Interrogating the Cut + Paste of ‘Recovery’

    This article challenges received wisdom on existing concepts of ‘recovery’ from mental suffering ...Read More

  • Pathways to Mental Health

    Challenging the existing discourse around the ‘treatment gap’ that invisibilises the psycho-socia...Read More

  • Queering Mental Health Practice

    QACP interrogates and counters dominant approaches to sexuality in the mental health sector. It i...Read More

  • Enhancing Livelihoods

    Fostering social inclusion through setting up robust social, economic and livelihoods support sys...Read More

  • Fostering Resilience in the Wake of Disasters

    Despite evidence of the impact that disasters have on mental health, disaster response approaches...Read More

  • Mental Health Care Reaches Remote Villages in Yamuna Valley

    MHI partner Burans recently celebrated the launch of yet another community mental health program ...Read More

  • Grief Counselling for Pet Parents

    Many cultures do not recognise the connection between pets and their caregivers and how devastati...Read More

  • Residential Course on Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP)

    Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI) and Center for Health and Mental Health , TISS announce a 6-day ...Read More

  • MHI's Quarterly Newsletter

    Read about our latest partners, innovative projects we've been funding and upcoming events throug...Read More

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