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Seeded by MHI, the Alliance for Suicide Prevention (ASP) brings together stakeholders including organisations, activists, funders, researchers and policymakers to work collaboratively on preventing suicide at the individual and community levels.

Our Approach

ASP's approach values lived experiences of survivors and those bereaved by suicide, and actively uses a community focus in fighting stigma and supporting marginalised people.

The Alliance supports community-based interventions aimed at preventing suicide attempts, providing crisis support and creating support spaces for those bereaved by suicide, with a particular focus on marginalised groups.

How to approach Suicide Prevention in India

MHI has published a report, 'Suicide Prevention: Changing the Narrative', on building a comprehensive approach to tackling suicide in India. The report covers some key approaches to suicide prevention, evidence-based strategies to reduce the incidence of suicide from across the world and tangible steps various stakeholders can take.

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