GENDER, SEXUALITY AND MENTAL HEALTH FROM THE MARGINS (GSMHM) is part of our LGBTQIA mental health initiatives and uses a workshop format to take a closer look at the fundamentals of sexuality and gender, from the lens of marginalised genders and sexualities. GSMHM workshops are conducted in colleges and similar educational institutions and aim to sensitise teachers and other stakeholders, enabling them to become more affirmative and inclusive.
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ENTREPRENEURIAL WELL-BEING—a report on the mental health and well-being of entrepreneurs in India—was the outcome of our partnership with ASCENT Foundation. Findings from the study were released at ASCENT's annual conclave, attended by over 600 entrepreneurs and industry experts — and highlighted the unique life stressors that entrepreneurs experience that affect their mental health and well-being. The study, co-designed by entrepreneurs and mental health practitioners, challenged the conventional paradigms of social research, by centring the experiences of entrepreneurs, rather than an expert-diagnostic view. The study's findings were a clear indication that entrepreneurs need specific, relevant and flexible mental well-being support. DOWNLOAD THE STUDY

QUEER AFFIRMATIVE COUNSELLING PRACTICE, launched its first residential avatar with a week-long training at Tata Institute for Social Sciences in Mumbai. Twenty-five mental health professionals from across the country participated in the program. More details on QACP and our upcoming LGBTQIA mental health initiatives are available here

INDIA PHILANTHROPY INITIATIVE (IPI) is a closed-door gathering of the country's top100 philanthropists and our Director, Raj Mariwala, spoke at IPI's opening session on the importance of including mental health within allied development initiatives. As the only Indian funder in Mental Health, we use such forums to actively pursue the goal of directing more attention and funding towards the mental health sector.  DOWNLOAD OUR MENTAL HEALTH STARTER KIT


MANN: Centre for Individuals with Special Needs
Mann, based in Mumbai, is dedicated to training young adults living with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. Mann fosters independence and employability among adults through skill training programs. Over 80% of Mann’s students are from low-socio-economic and marginalised communities.  

Providing care for a person living with a disability, not only impacts the physical and mental health of caregivers, but also generates financial stress. In partnership with us, Mann will implement a year-long caregivers’ support program that includes counselling sessions and transition plans, to equip family members and caregivers with information about available resources and beneficial coping strategies. This program aims to improve the quality of life of both the adult living with a disability as well as family members or caregivers.



Our partner, Bapu Trust, is celebrating 20 years of work in mental health and we helped them put together a brochure outlining their journey over two decades.

At MHI, we've been working to build our partner Mann's internal resources as well, through workshops and sessions on communications.

We supported our partner DLR Prerna's 5-day intensive training workshop 'Ethics in Social Science and Public Health Research' that was made available to other organisations in the region. 

We worked with our partner, Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy on a re-branding exercise, and helped them develop a new brand identity and communications material.

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