We look at innovative mental health projects that focus on human rights and are accessible to the marginalized communities.


Here Are Some Common Thoughts People Have Before Their First Therapy Session
Date: 25.11.22

"Access to mental health services is expensive and therefore cost continues to be a big barrier to accessing mental health services,"

Find Out Why More Young Adults Are Facing Mental Health Problems
Date: 24.11.22

"There are a lot of systemic pressures that young adults experience, be it the stress of exams, low prospects of jobs, pressure to look a certain way on social media, etc. "

Mental health or labor crisis? India’s suicide data points to both.
Date: 14.11.22

India’s suicide data is massively underreported, and yet the country accounts for the highest number of suicide deaths in the world. When the National Crime Records Bureau recently released its 2021 data, two things stood out – the suicide rate was at an all-time high, and 1 of every 4 persons wh...

Multi-stakeholder ecosystem of Philanthropies, civil society and public sector required
Date: 11.10.22

If we are to move towards better mental health outcomes in India, it will not be possible without a multi-stakeholder approach. Ideally, such an approach should include varied actors, including the government, civil society and philanthropy

Conversion therapy and its impact on mental health among LGBTQIs
Date: 08.10.22

Gender and sexuality are part of our core selves, part of who we are. And when someone is pathologized simply for existing and is then a recipient of attempts to cure that core self, it harms their sense of self and takes a heavy toll on their mental and physical well-being.

Why there is a need to provide mental health services to marginalised groups
Date: 07.10.22

The current narrative on mental health tends to be overtly biomedical with too much focus on the individual

Maternal Mental Health: Need to start conversations
Date: 22.09.22

Maternal mental health requires multiple intervention strategies starting with overhauling the medical curriculum to train and sensitise gynaecologists and obstetricians on maternal mental health for both perinatal and postpartum issues

Queer perspectives in mental health- How can mental health practitioners be queer affirmative
Date: 20.09.22

Conversations around Queer Perspectives on Mental Health are an important moment of reckoning in the history of Psy disciplines along the like of the Mad Pride, de-institutionalising, and other survivor-based movements.

There is a need to have a community-based approach to preventing suicide: Priti Sridhar, Mariwala Health Initiative
Date: 13.09.22

We need to design programmes that are more contextually relevant, culturally appropriate, and factor in the low resource setting of India.

Suicide prevention in LGBTQ+ community requires fighting stigma, valuing everyone as equals
Date: 09.09.22

With the LGBTQI+ community, it is important to understand that suicide prevention cannot take the shape of mental health intervention that is only focused on therapy; although, it can be a huge form of support

Building a community-based approach for sustained suicide prevention in India
Date: 09.09.22

Distress, crisis and suicidal ideation arising from challenging life circumstances such as poverty, systemic social exclusion, structural violence, and discrimination, cannot be addressed solely through medical diagnoses and interventions

A book that creates roadmap for incorporating a queer lens in mental health counselling
Date: 29.07.22

The QACP Resource Book attempts to create pathways moving beyond queer-friendly services towards queer affirmative practices.

The media must recognise the power it has in preventing suicide
Date: 08.09.22

Despite overwhelming evidence that media reports can either strengthen or undermine suicide prevention efforts, the quality of suicide reporting in India continues to remain poor. What needs to change?

The horrors of queer conversion therapy in India
Date: 07.09.22

From bizarre rituals to hypnosis, queer people continue to be subjected to various “treatments” aimed at changing their gender identity or sexual orientation

‘Conversion therapy’ to alter sexuality of LGBTQIA+ persons declared professional misconduct
Date: 07.09.22

The regulatory body for medical professionals, the National Medical Commission, has empowered states to take action against those who perform such therapies.

Introducing the National Suicide Prevention Policy — ‘Hope through Action’
Date: 06.09.22

The NSPP should articulate the need for awareness about suicide as a social issue and reduce the stigma around it

A Roundtable Discussion on Approaches to Suicide Prevention in India
Date: 11.08.22

MHI, SNEHA Chennai, Policymaker’s Forum for Mental Healthm The Lancet Psychiatry and ETI held a roundtable discussion to address the need for enacting a suicide prevention policy in India.

Monkeypox: 'Viruses Don’t Care About Sexual Orientation, Race', Experts Caution Against Stigmatisation
Date: 31.07.22

Medical health experts have emphasised that while gay and bisexual men are the group most at risk in the current monkeypox outbreak, the infection can spread through any close physical contact

मानसिक स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं को सुलभ बनाने पर जोर देता है मारीवाला हेल्थ इनिशिएटिव
Date: 31.07.22

क्वीर अफर्मेटिव काउंसिलिंग प्रैक्टिस - एक किताब जो मानसिक स्वास्थ्य परामर्श में एक क्वीर व्यक्ति का दृष्टिकोण शामिल करने का रोडमैप पेश करती है

Marico boss bats for inclusivity of LGBTQ+ community, says it's the 'order of the day' for Corporate India
Date: 30.07.22

Harsh Mariwala believes self-work and educating oneself are important.

MHI releases QACP creating roadmap for incorporation of queer lens in mental health counselling
Date: 30.07.22

Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI) has released Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP), a resource book for mental health practitioners.

Mariwala Health Initiative launches Queer Affirmative Resource Book
Date: 29.07.22

The goal of the book is to aid mental health professionals in recognizing and treating the particular stressors that LGBTQIA+ people experience as they negotiate difficulties in institutional, social, and individual settings.

A Book that Creates Roadmap for Incorporating a Queer Lens in Mental Health Counselling The Resource Book by Mariwala Health Initiative Addresses the Causes of Unique Stressors Faced by LGBTQIA+ Persons
Date: 29.07.22

As a major step towards inclusion, MHI has released Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP), a resource book for mental health practitioners.

मारीवाला हेल्थ इनिशिएटिव (एमएचआई) की स्थापना दिवस मनाया
Date: 28.07.22

क्वीर अफर्मेटिव काउंसिलिंग प्रैक्टिस - एक​किताब जो मानसिक स्वास्थ्य परामर्श में एक क्वीर व्यक्ति का दृष्टिकोण शामिल करने का रोडमैप पेश करती है

A book to help mental health practitioners identify, address issues of queer people
Date: 28.07.22

The book aims to help mental health practitioners in identifying and addressing the unique stressors faced by LGBTQIA+ persons

Launching of a Queer Affirmative Resource Book for Inclusive Mental Health Services by Mariwala Health Initiative
Date: 26.07.22

As a major step towards inclusion, MHI has released Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP), a resource book for mental health practitioners.

Why is is necessary to integrate LGBTQI+ people in regular mental health practice?
Date: 15.07.22

The mental health community has itself played a rather significant role in pathologising non-heterosexual sexualities, rendering invalid the lives, identities and experiences of LGBTQI+ communities and upholding oppressive structures by providing “cures” for non-normative individuals, thus system...

A book that creates roadmap for incorporating a queer lens in mental health counselling
Date: 28.07.22

The Resource Book by Mariwala Health Initiative addresses the causes of unique stressors faced by LGBTQIA+ persons

Queer Affirmative Therapy: Why Mental Health Practice Also Needs a Queer Lens
Date: 11.07.22

Mental health practitioners can help people of the LGBTQA+ community find safe, affirmative mental health support.

Kerala LGBTQIA+ persons condemn bigotry in Jamat-e-Islami seminar
Date: 17.06.22

LGBTQIA+ persons have condemned the queerphobic and bigoted statements made by a neurophysiotherapist during an online seminar conducted by the Kannur women’s wing of Jamat-e-Islami.

Training for transgender persons to provide peer support
Date: 10.03.22

A three-day peer support practice workshop organised by the Social Justice department for 30 people from the transgender community got under way at Hotel Chaithram here on Wednesday.

Mental health in India: Community-based interventions as the answer to India’s mental health burden
Date: 04.03.22

As a community comes together to address the unique stressors they experience, in conjunction with linkages and referrals to public health and welfare systems - these provide context based, accessible care.

From burnout to LGBTQIA+ representation: Toolkit highlights mental health needs at workplaces
Date: 23.01.22

The toolkit underlines the psychosocial and intersectional approaches to mental health and provides a framework to organisation leaders and HR departments to understand mental well-being in the workplace. It highlights some stressors like difficult relationship with supervisor, inadequate authori...

एक जरूरी विमर्श से मुंह मोड़े बैठा समाज
Date: 23.12.21

एक बेहतर शासन-व्यवस्था में आंकड़े काफी अहमियत रखते हैं। इनके संग्रह का उद्देश्य किसी समस्या का ठोस समाधान ढूंढ़ना होता है। लेकिन कुछ आंकड़े लोक-स्वास्थ्य के नजरिये से काफी महत्वपूर्ण होने के बावजूद सामाजिक विमर्श का हिस्सा नहीं बन पाते। आत्महत्या एक ऐसी ही उपेक्षित समस्या है। हाल ही में नेशनल क्राइम रिकॉर्ड ब्यूरो ने स...

Are socio-emotional learning programmes missing the mark?
Date: 16.12.21

As socio-emotional learning gains popularity in India, mental health practitioners and educators must work to caution against one-size-fits-all programmes that are marketed as mental health support.

Pandemic offers opportunities to scale up interventions in promotive mental health of youth: Experts
Date: 17.12.21

CorStone in collaboration with SNEHA organised a webinar on ‘Post-Pandemic Roadmap to Resilience- Strengthening Mental Health Care for the Youth’ on December 15, 2021.

Suicide prevention: 10 ways to prevent suicide at an individual and community level
Date: 07.11.21

NCRB data show that more than 1.53 lakh people in India died by suicide in 2020. Here, experts and organizations share measures to prevent suicide.

It takes a village: A systemic approach to suicide prevention
Date: 09.09.21

We need to recognise that suicide is a societal failure. To change this, we need policy makers, people, and the media to collaborate.

India’s Female Suicide Burden Is Huge – Let’s Talk About It
Date: 09.09.21

India features at the top of global suicide rates among women. But how often do you hear about female suicides?

Let's talk about Suicides: Busting Common Myths
Date: 07.09.21

Suicides are preventable, but it has to start with openly talking about it.

Why mental health startups haven't yet taken off in India
Date: 07.09.21

To scale beyond tier 1 cities, startups will have to spend time learning about the ground-level cultural and socio-economic realities of these regions.

The mental wellbeing of next generation entrepreneurs
Date: 11.08.21

Focus on mental health and work has been restricted to startups and mental health in the workplace. We have conversations about employee wellbeing, but not about the health of the leader of the enterprise, or the next generation entrepreneur.

Date: 05.07.21

Raj says” I think humans can learn much about self-care from animals. Humans seem to talk of self-care in a static, individual silo when actually I think we cannot speak of it without considering interdependence and balance.”

Why mental health professionals must shift from being queer friendly to queer affirmative
Date: 11.06.21

For too long, the mental health community has considered queer sexuality through the lens of heterosexuality. It must unlearn this.

Covid-19 pandemic has India's young anxious, turning to therapy
Date: 09.06.21

Faced with a torrent of guilt, fear, worry, more youngsters are seeking help

Training young people to give mental health peer support as the fall out from the COVID-19 pandemic continues
Date: 01.06.21

Youth Care Network: A Project by young people for young people’s mental wellbeing

Covid-19 relief work hit as FCRA rules choke grants to small NGOs
Date: 31.05.21

At a time when small NGOs working at the grassroots level can play a significant role in tackling the COVID crisis, amendments in the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) have cut them off from funding.

Corona crisis: Prisons in India can become super spreaders
Date: 05.05.21

Bhawesh Jha, our Manager (Advocacy) talks about how prisons in India can become super spreaders.

How Can We Understand India’s Mental Health Problem?
Date: 04.05.21

Anna Cutteridge spoke to MHI Director Raj on mental health in India. The interview touches upon why it’s important to fund mental health, on challenging dominant approaches to mental health. They also spoke of intersectionality in mental health and government accountability.

If You’re Having Mental Health Struggles, You’re Not The Problem
Date: 04.03.21

The UK also has a lot to learn from organisations like Mariwala Health Initiative in India, whose work centres the redistribution of power and movement building in healing marginalised communities.

Mental health for India’s young women - way forward
Date: 18.02.21

MHI Director Raj , writes for Economic Times about the personal and social factors responsible for a large percentage of deaths in India's youth population.

Over the rainbow bridge: Experts share how to cope with loss of pet
Date: 15.02.21

MHI Director Raj spoke to Mid-Day on the distress and grief experienced with the loss of a companion animal.

What 2020 meant for both pets and pet parents
Date: 25.12.20

MHI Director Raj, writes for Live Mint on human companion animal relationships during COVID.

10 Queer And Trans Affirmative Moments Of 2020 That Created History
Date: 24.12.20

MHI's Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice program features in FII's writeup on the historic moments for the queer and trans community from the year 2020.

From ‘Othering’, ‘Bullying’ To ‘Exclusion: Chronicling Caste Through My Childhood
Date: 02.12.20

MHI intern Vandana Jogadiya writes on the interplay of caste and mental health through reflections and personal anecdotes from her own childhood experiences in educational settings.

The Mariwala Health Initiative: Reforming Women’s Mental Health
Date: 13.09.20

The Borgen Project spoke with Raj Mariwala, Director of MHI, to receive insight into the nonprofit organization’s current efforts to improve women’s mental health in India.

How to Spot 18 Hidden Signs of Depression
Date: 10.09.20

On World Suicide Prevention Day, Cosmopolitan spoke to Raj Mariwala on experiences of distress and anxiety — and the importance of reaching out for support.

The mind mantras of Harsh Mariwala
Date: 05.09.20

Harsh Mariwala, founder of MHI, shares how he personally deals with challenges and the practices he has adopted to enhance his mental health and well-being.

Let’s Talk Mental Health: We Need To Do Better
Date: 09.08.20

Health Collective talks to Raj Mariwala, Director, MHI on the gaps in conversations around mental health in India.

Snapchat rolls out ‘Here for You’ feature in India to help users tackle mental health problems
Date: 14.07.20

Financial Express writes on MHI's partnership with Snapchat to make available resources from mental health experts when users search for mental health-related topics.

Snapchat rolls out ‘Here For You’ in India
Date: 14.07.20

Mariwala Health Initiative and the Manas Foundation are Snapchat's first partners in India, who have created resources around anxiety, depression, loneliness, suicide and general mental health.

Snapchat Brings 'Here for You' Feature to Address Mental Health Issues Faced by Users in India
Date: 13.07.20

Snapchat's 'Here For You' (in partnership with MHI) covers multiple topics on mental health including eating disorders, anxiety, and depression

Snapchat rolls out ‘Here For You’ in India, puts the spotlight on mental health
Date: 13.07.20

Snapchat’s wellbeing-focused feature was rolled out in India in a partnership with Mariwala Health Initiative and The Manas Foundation.

Snapchat rolls out in-app mental health support in India
Date: 13.07.20

Snapchat's partnership with MHI to provide in-app support to its users in India who may be experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis or those who want to learn more about these issues in order to help friends especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Snapchat launches mental health support feature in India
Date: 13.07.20

Snapchat partners with MHI to launch a “Here for You” feature, meant to promote mental health and well-being, in India.

Snapchat rolls out in-app mental health support in India
Date: 13.07.20

Snapchat launches 'Here for You' initiative in partnership with MHI to help an overwhelming majority of Snapchatters in the country who experience feelings of stress and anxiety.

Snapchat to launch feature promoting Indian users' mental well-being
Date: 13.07.20

Snapchat partners with MHI on their 'Here for You' initiative to promote mental health and well-being for Gen Z.

Snapchat's in-app mental health support to help those in crisis
Date: 13.07.20

MHI partnered with Snapchat to make mental health resources available for Snap users through their tool 'Here For You', which is part of Snapchat's built-in search feature.

Snapchat rolls out Here For You mental health support tool for Indian users
Date: 13.07.20

Snapchat launched 'Here For You' in partnership with MHI a feature that provides in-app support to users experiencing mental distress.

Marico boss & Kunal Bahl join mental health awareness brigade, urge people to speak up
Date: 17.06.20

MHI Founder, Harsh Mariwala's tweets on the importance of mental health were highlighted by Economic Times as a best practice by workplace leadership during the current pandemic.

The pain and cruelty of ‘conversion therapy’
Date: 14.06.20

MHI Director speaks to Livemint on the mental health impact of conversion therapy and how mental health practitioners have contributed to pathologizing the lives of queer-trans persons.

Mental health: How to beat the pandemic blues
Date: 08.06.20

MHI Director speaks to Forbes India on COVID-related mental distress.

Build a society that respects individual choice
Date: 29.05.20

Hindustan Times writes about MHI's Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice training program for mental health professionals and other efforts to building an affirmative society that is respectful of individual choice.

Funding well-being is investing in social change
Date: 27.05.20

MHI Director and CDO write on how other funders can actively support the well-being of their partner organisations and create systems and structures that enhance their partners' mental and physical health.

Anjana Harish’s Suicide Shows Why India Must End Practice of ‘Conversion Therapy’
Date: 25.05.20

The Better India writes on conversion therapy and how it pathologizes the lives of queer-trans persons.

Several Indian Mental Health Associations Oppose ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’
Date: 22.05.20

Youth Ki Awaaz published an article on conversion therapy and the petition against it that was initiated by Mariwala Health Initiative.

LGBTQ+ Student’s Death Puts Focus on ‘Conversion Therapy’
Date: 19.05.20

In the wake of recent deaths by suicide of queer-trans persons on account of unacceptable practices in psychiatric disciplines, The Quint writes on conversion therapy and how it pathologizes the lives of queer-trans persons.

Kerala student’s suicide puts focus on dubious ‘conversion therapy'
Date: 18.05.20

Hindustan Times coverage of conversion therapy practised by mental health professionals across the country and other unacceptable practices in psychiatric disciplines that have historically pathologised the lives of queer-trans persons.

In urban areas, lockdown leaves members of queer community stuck with emotionally abusive families
Date: 08.05.20

The Caravan writes on the impact of the COVID-lockdown on queer-trans persons, forcing them to live in environments where they are repressed and emotionally captive.

Mann & Mariwala Health Initiative partner to create mental health model to support parents of disabled youth
Date: 17.04.20

A NewzHook article on MHI's partnership with Mann to co-create a model on integrating mental health within programs for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Bihar Government signs MoU for better Mental Healthcare
Date: 25.02.20

MHI signs an MoU for a Technical Support Unit that will support the Government of Bihar in strengthening the State’s Mental Health system with a focus on increasing its accessibility and quality of care.

Studying how entrepreneurship affects mental health
Date: 05.12.19

MHI Director Raj Mariwala talks to Forbes about mental health for business leaders and the next steps given the findings of a study on the Mental Health of Entrepreneurs.

India's Richest 2019: How ceding control paid off for Marico's Harsh Mariwala
Date: 02.12.19

Harsh Mariwala talks to Forbes Asia on his ventures including his philanthropic initiative MHI

Mental health in India: Underserved and underfunded
Date: 28.11.19

Harsh and Raj Mariwala interview with IDR on taking a rights-based approach to funding mental health, the challenges of working with a range of stakeholders, and what philanthropy in India needs to do differently.

‘Finances, fear of failure cause stress among entrepreneurs’
Date: 23.11.19

Rajvi Mariwala speaks to The Hindu about the findings of a mental health and mental well-being study jointly conducted by ASCENTFoundation and MHI.

Cash issues, fear of failure are main causes of stress
Date: 22.11.19

Harsh Mariwala speaks to Mumbai Mirror on the findings of study on the mental health and well-being of entrepreneurs.

Mariwala Health Initiative launches Queer Affirmative Resource Book
Date: 28.07.22

Globally, there is much conversation on diverse genders and sexualities. There is a need for society to accept and affirm this both in personal spaces and in workplaces.

Entrepreneurial Well-being - a study by ASCENT Foundation and Mariwala Health Initiative Launched at the ASCENT Conclave 2019
Date: 22.11.19

Highlights from MHI-ASCENT Foundation's collaborative study on the mental health and well-being of entrepreneurs.

Managing cash, talent a strain: Study
Date: 22.11.19

Harsh Mariwala speaks to The Times of India on the mental health and well-being of Indian entrepreneurs, basis findings from a study undertaken by his two philanthropic initiatives.

Indian entrepreneurs grossly stressed, shows study
Date: 21.11.19

Economic Times covers salient findings from a study on the mental health and well-being of entrepreneurs, co-conducted by Mariwala Health Initiative and ASCENT Foundation.

Dial ICall For Help: How The TISS-Housed Helpline Delivers
Date: 08.10.19

The Health Collective published a Q&A on how iCall operates, what callers can expect, supporting those with mental health conditions and self-care for counsellors.

Caregivers of People Living With Mental Health Conditions Need Care, Too
Date: 29.09.19

A deep-dive into caregivers of persons living with mental health conditions who often face burnout, fatigue, financial stress and social isolation in the process of providing care.

I believe in focus, do less but do it in the best way, says Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Limited
Date: 24.09.19

Mr. Mariwala speaks about to Zee Business about his philanthropy initiatives and mental health

CEOs seek emotional anchors against stress
Date: 31.07.19

In the wake of Cafe Coffee Day's founder VG Siddhartha's death by suicide, Harsh Mariwala speaks to The Times of India on the importance of managing stress at the workplace and his mental health initiative MHI.

Ground Report: Pune’s Schizophrenia Awareness Association Centre
Date: 24.05.19

Health Collective writes a ground-report on the work of MHI partner Schizophrenia Awareness Association, interviewing both caregivers and persons living with a mental illness who avail the facilities.

Is There a Link Between Poverty and Schizophrenia?
Date: 24.05.19

Unpredictability and violence are dominant stereotypes associated with schizophrenia and persons labelled as such may find themselves being distanced, isolated, seen by others as threatening or dangerous, socially excluded—thus begins a remorseless, self-fortifying cycle of poverty associated wit...

Pune centre builds awareness, stands up to the stigma around schizophrenia
Date: 24.05.19

Newz Hook writes on MHI partner Schizophrenia Awareness Association and the work being done for persons living with Schizophrenia via expressive therapies provided through a Day Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, Maharashtra.

Accessible Elections in India & lessons for the future
Date: 22.05.19

Rajvi Mariwala, Director Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI) speaks to Newzhook on Accessible Elections in India and efforts by Anjali (MHI's partner), Iswar Sankalpa and The Banyan to organise voting for persons with psychosocial disabilities

How the Bombay High Court is Prioritising Mental Health
Date: 19.05.19

Rajvi Mariwala speaks to The Quint on the importance of mental health services in India's legal system

Ideological Shift – Towards Mental Health
Date: 10.05.19

Rajvi Mariwala, Director, Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI) speaks to Express HealthCare on Bridge the Care Gap campaign—noting that mental health which has long been neglected in political manifestos, for the first time gets mentioned by few political parties.

Counselling centre inside Bombay High Court for litigants in matrimonial cases
Date: 08.05.19

Newzhook writes on Sukoon's latest counselling centre that was opened inside the premises of the Bombay High Court to reach out to litigants in matrimonial cases - the first of its kind across India.

Sukoon: A Counselling Model For Family Courts Across India?
Date: 06.05.19

Rajvi Mariwala and Aparna Joshi speak to Health Collective about why Sukoon was started, how it addresses the gap in mental health care in Family Courts across Maharashtra and how it serves as a successful, replicable model that can be scaled across all Family Courts in the country.

10,000 Indians Sign Petition To Put Mental Health Care In 2019 Election Manifesto Of Every Political Party
Date: 02.05.19

The Logical Indian writes on #BridgeTheCareGap, including quotes and videos from advocates, activists, care providers and user-survivors that supported the campaign.

We must hold the govt. accountable to implement mental health laws: Harsh Mariwala
Date: 29.04.19

The Hindu interviews Mr. Mariwala on Bridge the Care Gap campaign, why he is funding this initiative and how the campaign successfully put mental health on the manifestos of two political parties.

Want our votes? Reflect our needs - Disability rights groups tell national level parties
Date: 19.04.19

NewzHook writes on how disability rights groups and mental health activists are calling on political parties to include disabilities and mental health within the purview of their political manifestos. The article cites examples of how CPI (M) and Congress dedicated a section of their election man...

Elections 2019: Bringing Mental Health Into India's Political Conversations
Date: 12.04.19

The Wire writes on MHI's #BridgeTheCareGap campaign and its success in putting Mental Health on the manifestos of two political parties: Congress and AAP. The articles covers the 'gap' in mental health care that the campaign seeks to address - describes how the mental health of certain marginali...

‘Bridge The Care Gap’ Campaign
Date: 09.04.19

Shruti Chakra, Chief Advisor at Mariwala Health Initiative writes via Youth Ki Awaaz on what makes 'Bridge the Care Gap' a historical campaign that has reframed the discourse around mental health by including first-person, user-survivor voices, multi-lingual videos, representation from those on t...

It’s Time for a More Humane Approach to Mental Health Care
Date: 06.04.19

The Swaddle writes on how Mental Health Care in India has transitioned from a bio-medical approach rife with human rights violations — to a user-survivor, rights-based approach advocated by the new Mental Health Act of 2017, and why we should all be concerned about 'Bridging the Care Gap' in ment...

Why Is Mental Health Deeply Feminist?
Date: 05.04.19

Feminism In India publishes an article on why Mental Health is a deeply feminist issue and how we can #BridgeTheCareGap for those on the margins.

How a guerrilla campaign made history by pushing mental health into Cong, CPM’s election manifestos
Date: 04.04.19

EconomicTimes writes on the #BridgeTheCareGap, describing it as a guerrilla campaign that made history by lobbying political parties to commit to the implementation of the Mental Healthcare Act and the National Mental Health Policy, and pushing mental health into Congress and CPM’s election mani...

#BridgetheCareGap - Lobbying Effectively for Social Change
Date: 01.04.19

Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN) published an article on Bridge the Care Gap campaign that describes the processes and strategies adopted to advocate for mental health in an innovative manner.

Date: 28.03.19

PatientsEngage published a blog on the Bridge the Care Gap campaign, discussing the mental health care gap, why the campaign is crucial at the point, salient features of the Mental Health Care Act and why implementing the act requires a people's campaign.

Bridge the Gap campaign seeks to make mental health an election issue in the 2019 elections
Date: 27.03.19

NewzHook writes on why Bridge the Care Gap in Mental Health is a crucial campaign to support with excerpts from interviews with Rajvi Mariwala, Soumitra Pathare, Ratnaboli Ray and Pooja Nair.

Bridge the gap: Call to add mental health in manifestos
Date: 23.03.19

Times of India journalist Malathy Iyer writes on the Bridge the Care Gap campaign, including excerpts from interviews with Harsh Mariwala and Soumitra Pathare. The article makes a case for why Mental Health must be a priority for all political parties and included in political manifestos.

What Is A Rights-Based Approach To Mental Health?
Date: 16.03.19

The Health Collective publishes MHI's post explaining what a Rights-Based Approach to Mental Healthcare looks like, and why it is important.

Being humane: How business scions are furthering the legacy of giving
Date: 21.12.18

Forbes talks to business scions including Rajvi Mariwala who expand the boundaries of philanthropy in innovative ways

Mind games: Startups ensure mental illness is not a lonely battle
Date: 20.09.18

Forbes talks about MHI and our partners' work.

How Being A Queer Feminist Shaped My Approach To Mental Health
Date: 31.01.18

Article by our Chief Adviser Shruti Chakravarty on Youth Ki Awaaz

The gaps in the Mental Healthcare Act
Date: 26.12.17

The Mental Healthcare Act suffers from several gaps that the original Bill had covered

From mentoring to encouraging mental health startups, Harsh Mariwala 2.0 is as busy as with Marico
Date: 26.12.17

Harsh Mariwala is investing in organisations and startups that are part of the mental health scale up initiative.

Mental health disorders: India's invisible epidemic
Date: 19.12.17

"The mental health of children and adolescents has suddenly become a cause of concern in India."

Mariwala commits to fund mental health projects
Date: 18.12.17

MHI plans to create a mental health ecosystem in India

Rajvi Mariwala On Need For Mental Health Awareness & Interventions
Date: 25.11.17

She The People writes about MHI's views on mental health

Awareness leads to better outcomes for mental health in India, says MHI
Date: 17.11.17

Article about MHI on

India'a Mental Health Woes
Date: 31.10.17

Nearly 150 million citizens suffer from common mental disorders

The Mental Health Care Crisis In Indian Campuses
Date: 30.10.17

Research shows that the causes of student suicides are varied and intersectional.

Press Trust of India Coverage of Our Website Launch
Date: 10.10.17

Harsh Mariwala Launches Mariwala Health Initiative.

The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017
Date: 06.10.17

View the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017