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  • Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP) Residential Program - Kerala State, Oct-Nov 2023

    Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI) started the Queer-Affirmative Counselling Practice Course in Jan...Read More

  • Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP) In-Person Course Bangalore, May 2023

    Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI) started the Queer-Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP) Course...Read More

  • Songs of the Forest

    Exploring Climate Justice through the Lens of Global Economy, Development and CapitalismRead More

  • Demystifying Suicide Prevention

    A special series in association with Sanity by Tanmoy dedicated to suicide prevention, which will...Read More

  • Freeing Today’s Class(room) from Caste

    Looking at how caste hierarchies and norms in educational spaces affect mental health knowledge p...Read More

  • ‘Chinta, Tension, Bhoi’: Expressions of distress in fishing communities

    In writing this, I kept going back to the image of a dinner table at a local restaurant in a smal...Read More

  • The “Othering” of the Queer Mental Health Professional

    Queer dystopias in mental health workplacesRead More

  • Addressing Inequalities: Structural Competency and Collective Action in Mental Health

    Dismantling systems of powerRead More


    We're a grant-making and advocacy agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particu...Read More

  • Creating innovative programs to strengthen the MH ecosystem

    Through the year, we launched initiatives targeting specific groups such as youth, entrepreneurs,...Read More

  • Exercising accountability as a funder

    As a funding agency, MHI had to respond urgently and with responsibility to the unprecedented COV...Read More

  • Changing conversations on mental health

    While COVID-19 is considered to be a humanitarian crisis and multiplied the number of conversatio...Read More

  • Long form: Clinical Legacies and Counter-Narratives

    Read More

  • Queer Possibilities

    The changing landscape of therapeutic practice with queer clientsRead More

  • Relocating Mental Health Conversations to Native Queer Subcultures in India

    The Hijra community as a site and source of care This article attempts a culture-sensitive conv...Read More

  • ‘I Get You’

    Strengthening Peer Counseling within the Queer CommunityRead More

  • What Kind of Interventions Do We Need Now?

    Poetry and healing: beyond clinical options This is an essay on how it is imperative, especially...Read More

  • Mental Stress: The Toiling Class in Slums

    How customs and traditions, songs and rituals play a roleRead More

  • 'Knife of Insight'

    Experiences of toxic work cultures and the process of recoveryRead More

  • Rebuilding Therapeutic Spaces

    Unlearning old frameworks: Towards a less one-sided practitioner-client relationshipRead More

  • An Invisible Intersection: Mental Healthcare for the Deaf Community

    A realization crucial to building a Deafinclusive society is that living in a nonsigning world ca...Read More

  • Seeding Wellbeing in Drought- Prone Regions

    A psychosocial approach to working with distraught farming communitiesRead More


    We're a funding agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particular focus on makin...Read More

  • Resources for LGBTQI community during COVID

    The pandemic has a disproportionate impact on persons and communities marginalised by gender and ...Read More

  • Challenging existing pathological representations of LGBTQIA+ lives & countering historical violence & discrimination, in mental health practice

    The edifice of mental health and psychiatry in India has been responsible for pathologizing non-n...Read More

  • Collaborating with others to bridge the mental health care gap

    If we want to influence social change, we must work in tandem with others. At MHI, we support and...Read More

  • How our approach has shaped the initiatives that we’ve invested in this year (2019-2020)

    At MHI we believe in a psychosocial approach to mental health – that there are critical social de...Read More

  • We fund initiatives that are user-centered, and employ a human rights-based approach

    At the onset we knew that MHI would employ an intersectional and intersectoral approach to funding.Read More

  • I Walk the Line

    This article examines data from a research study that explored treatment experiences of users, an...Read More

  • Unrecognized and Unaddressed

    Exploring the mental health gap for persons with physical and/or sensory disabilitiesRead More

  • Where Social Justice Meets Mental Health

    A discussion on social justice, collective mental health and the impact of social hierarchies of ...Read More

  • ReFrame: Editor's Note

    An Editor's Note on ReFrame, a journal by the Mariwala Health Initiative that challenges existing...Read More

  • The ideal of ‘Recovery’

    A critique of the conventional approach to  ‘care’ views persons with mental health that diagnose...Read More

  • Enhancing Livelihoods

    Fostering social inclusion through setting up robust social, economic and livelihoods support sys...Read More

  • Peer Support Practice

    Peer support is based on support due to similar lived experiences. MHI recently launched a module...Read More

  • MHI's Quarterly Newsletter

    Read about our latest partners, innovative projects we've been funding and upcoming events throug...Read More

  • Professional Solidarity : What Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice Means To Me As A Mental Health Practitioner

    I’m a 25-year-old therapist with a background in Clinical Psychology. I have had roughly about 3 ...Read More

  • Articulating Sexuality from the Margins

    Read More

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