Resources for LGBTQI community during COVID

This heightened invisibility, erasure, violence and the resultant distress faced by many, has led to a high need for mental health services. Many lists, resources and helplines are being advertised. However, it is important to ensure that mental health practice does no harm. One of the ways to look at creating a list of Queer Affirmative Practitioners is to ascertain whether an individual has been trained by or verified by LGBTQI persons. Another way is to validate individual practitioners so we are listing details of practitioners who have completed the MHI- Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice Course. 

Also, as a political stance, it is important to centre the decades of care work, activism and advocacy by trans and queer activists and collectives. In this time of isolation, we firmly believe that community or peer support is critical and necessary. Thus, we are listing Queer community resources with whom we have completed peer support practice training as well as additional resources that LGBTQIA+ persons may reach out to. 

Neither of the lists are exhaustive, but we will continue to try and add more resources.

Lists of Practitioners

Video-based Resources

Orinam List of Groups and Resources