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  • A statement by Mariwala Health Initiative

    The loss of thousands of lives, including children, in Gaza is a collective failure of humanity.Read More

  • The Intersection of Climate Justice and Mental Health for Queer-Trans Persons

    Climate change presents one of the greatest challenges of our time. It directly and indirectly af...Read More

  • सामूहिक आघात से साझे संघर्ष तक पश्चिमी हिमालय में स्थित हिमाचल के किन्नौर ज़िले में युवाओं का अस्तित्व के लिए संघर्ष

    हिमाचल के उच्च हिमालयी क्षेत्र में स्थित किन्नौर जन जातीय ज़िला पिछले कुछ वर्षों में आपदाओं का घर बन गया...Read More

  • Demystifying Suicide Prevention

    A special series in association with Sanity by Tanmoy dedicated to suicide prevention, which will...Read More

  • Making the invisible visible

    The disabled constitute the largest minority in the world. Given the stigma surrounding disabilit...Read More

  • Addressing Inequalities: Structural Competency and Collective Action in Mental Health

    Dismantling systems of powerRead More


    We're a grant-making and advocacy agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particu...Read More

  • Exercising accountability as a funder

    As a funding agency, MHI had to respond urgently and with responsibility to the unprecedented COV...Read More

  • Creating innovative programs to strengthen the MH ecosystem

    Through the year, we launched initiatives targeting specific groups such as youth, entrepreneurs,...Read More

  • Changing conversations on mental health

    While COVID-19 is considered to be a humanitarian crisis and multiplied the number of conversatio...Read More

  • Long form: Clinical Legacies and Counter-Narratives

    Read More

  • The Neoliberal Project: Mental Health & Marginality in India

    Neoliberalism has aided in the dubious re-organization of the subjective, psychological selfRead More

  • Clinical Legacies and Counter-Narratives

    The fields of knowledge associated with mental health have come under scrutiny for human rights ...Read More

  • Responding to COVID as a Mental Health Funding Organization

    Coronavirus is not just a public health issue but also an issue of livelihoods, food, security, ...Read More


    We're a funding agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particular focus on makin...Read More

  • Challenging existing pathological representations of LGBTQIA+ lives & countering historical violence & discrimination, in mental health practice

    The edifice of mental health and psychiatry in India has been responsible for pathologizing non-n...Read More

  • We fund initiatives that are user-centered, and employ a human rights-based approach

    At the onset we knew that MHI would employ an intersectional and intersectoral approach to funding.Read More

  • How our approach has shaped the initiatives that we’ve invested in this year (2019-2020)

    At MHI we believe in a psychosocial approach to mental health – that there are critical social de...Read More

  • Collaborating with others to bridge the mental health care gap

    If we want to influence social change, we must work in tandem with others. At MHI, we support and...Read More


    We're a funding agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particular focus on makin...Read More

  • Mental Health & Criminal Law

    A critique of the excessively narrow approach of the law that takes into account only those menta...Read More

  • Pathways to Mental Health

    Challenging the existing discourse around the ‘treatment gap’ that invisibilises the psycho-socia...Read More

  • ReFrame: Editor's Note

    An Editor's Note on ReFrame, a journal by the Mariwala Health Initiative that challenges existing...Read More

  • Does every Citizen have the Right to Vote?

    On voting as an issue of development, social justice, and human rights—an instrument by which we ...Read More

  • MHI's Quarterly Newsletter

    Read about our latest partners, innovative projects we've been funding and upcoming events throug...Read More

  • Professional Solidarity : What Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice Means To Me As A Mental Health Practitioner

    I’m a 25-year-old therapist with a background in Clinical Psychology. I have had roughly about 3 ...Read More

  • Bridge the Care Gap Campaign

    Despite the high incidence of mental health problems, the focus of the State has been centered on...Read More

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