Bridge the Care Gap Campaign

‘Bridge the care gap’ campaign aims to change the discourse of mental health to a rights-based approach, which will be possible by effective implementation of the Mental Health Care Act, and National Mental Health Policy in India. It aims to demand the Centre and State to deliver what has been promised in our legal and policy documents.

The initiative invites everyone associated with mental health across sectors to join a nation-wide campaign on ‘bridge the care gap’, to give their suggestions on how to prioritize mental health in the political agenda, and to effectively implement the Mental Health Care Act,2017 and the National Mental Health Policy, 2014 in India. We encourage all voices to contribute towards this initiative and have 1 million Indian citizens sign a petition to tell our politicians that mental health matters.

As political parties are currently working on their election manifestos, this is the right time to intervene and make a difference in the lives of millions of people affected by psychosocial disabilities. Your signature will let Indian leaders know that as an Indian citizen, your vote will be influenced by attention paid to mental health.