Sneha Foundation Trust

SNEHA has worked on important policy advocacy including working with UN bodies, the WHO and State and Central Governments. SNEHA has initiated suicide prevention interventions aimed at school students by working with the government to introduce supplementary exams for candidates who have failed in some subjects. SNEHA has also worked with farmers to reduce pesticide suicides, by restricting access to pesticides. SNEHA believes that community-based initiatives that are culturally relevant are vital to preventing suicides and has seeded a number of them with various stakeholders. SNEHA’s awareness programs are intended to destigmatize suicides and encourage help-seeking behaviour in the community. SNEHA’s programs cover a wide area in the community- students, nurses, teachers,
police, Air Force, SHG members and private sector employees.

Project with MHI

MHI is supporting SNEHA Foundation Trust in a research study with young persons in Chennai on intergenerational conflicts and its impact on suicidal ideation among youths in urban Chennai. The study seeks to understand intergenerational conflict in the Indian context through the perspectives of different stakeholders and its effect on suicidal behaviour among young people between 10 and 24 years of age. The research aims to conduct a mixed methods situational analysis among the young people and parents and FGDs with stakeholders including but not limited to young people, parents, grandparents, mental health professionals, teachers,
officials from different governmental departments and organizations working with young people to gain their insights and to understand the prevalence of the problem and its impact on the young people, especially on the suicidal ideation and behaviour. Based on the research, a pilot intervention will be co-designed with young people to address suicidal behaviours among youth in urban Chennai.

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