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  • Working for Disabled People’s Organisation of Bhutan

    Impact of Climate Change on PwDs. This piece is in the Dzongkha language of Bhutan.Read More

  • Children in Child-Care Institutions: The adverse impact of marginalization and institutionalization on children’s mental health

    Marginalized children, being at greater risk of adverse mental health, are more likely to be inst...Read More

  • Rationing – The Legitimacy Problem in Mental Healthcare: Reflections from Kashmir

    The rationing of mental healthcare is an outcome of both, the theory of healthcare rationing, and...Read More

  • Addressing Inequalities: Structural Competency and Collective Action in Mental Health

    Dismantling systems of powerRead More


    We're a grant-making and advocacy agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particu...Read More

  • Creating innovative programs to strengthen the MH ecosystem

    Through the year, we launched initiatives targeting specific groups such as youth, entrepreneurs,...Read More

  • Changing conversations on mental health

    While COVID-19 is considered to be a humanitarian crisis and multiplied the number of conversatio...Read More

  • Exercising accountability as a funder

    As a funding agency, MHI had to respond urgently and with responsibility to the unprecedented COV...Read More

  • Clinical Legacies and Counter-Narratives

    The fields of knowledge associated with mental health have come under scrutiny for human rights ...Read More


    We're a funding agency for innovative mental health initiatives, with a particular focus on makin...Read More

  • Challenging existing pathological representations of LGBTQIA+ lives & countering historical violence & discrimination, in mental health practice

    The edifice of mental health and psychiatry in India has been responsible for pathologizing non-n...Read More

  • Collaborating with others to bridge the mental health care gap

    If we want to influence social change, we must work in tandem with others. At MHI, we support and...Read More

  • We fund initiatives that are user-centered, and employ a human rights-based approach

    At the onset we knew that MHI would employ an intersectional and intersectoral approach to funding.Read More

  • Working with the Government to bolster mental health care services

    MHI signs an MoU for a Technical Support Unit that will support the Government of Bihar in streng...Read More

  • Pathways to Mental Health

    Challenging the existing discourse around the ‘treatment gap’ that invisibilises the psycho-socia...Read More

  • ReFrame: Editor's Note

    An Editor's Note on ReFrame, a journal by the Mariwala Health Initiative that challenges existing...Read More

  • MHI's Quarterly Newsletter

    Read about our latest partners, innovative projects we've been funding and upcoming events throug...Read More

  • Bridge the Care Gap Campaign

    Despite the high incidence of mental health problems, the focus of the State has been centered on...Read More

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