Mann’s employability training programs



Mann fosters independence and employability among adults through skill training programs, using an integrative holistic model that supports inclusive and individualized learning techniques. Mann’s training programs include concepts, values, attitudes, knowledge and skills required to meet every-day challenges and enhance employability. Over 80% of Mann’s students are from low-socio-economic and marginalised communities. Mann works from a user-survivor perspective and recognises the agency of each individual at their centre. 

MHI-funded Family Intervention Project

Providing care for a person living with a disability, not only impacts the physical and mental health of caregivers, but also generates financial stress. Adequately meeting the psychosocial needs of caregivers directly enhances the quality of care that persons living with a disability receive.

In partnership with MHI, Mann will implement a year-long caregivers’ support program that includes counselling sessions and transition plans, to equip family members and caregivers with information about available resources and beneficial coping strategies. Counselling sessions will provide opportunities to inform and involve family members and caregivers in supporting the adult living with a disability. Such interactions will provide insight into how the student learns and how caregivers can assist in incorporating learning routines at home, using strategies that work best for the student. This program aims to improve the quality of life of both the adult living with a disability as well as family members/caregivers. Through this family-intervention, caregivers will be equipped to support their family member towards greater independence. The intervention will serve as a model that can be used by other centres that work with adults with intellectual disabilities to adopt and implement mental health services for caregivers

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