Project Man Marziyaan

There are few spaces for youth from Gond and other Adivasi communities residing in urban spaces such as Bhopal to express, ask questions, and explore their understanding of themselves, their peers, and society. There are few conversations on mental health and even fewer opportunities to reach out to informed mental health support. As marginalized youth, there are many obstacles in them accessing their rights to education and gaining employment, and equal financial pressure on the youth. There are further tensions between siblings, within families and communities when patriarchal attitudes and lack of access to SRHR lead to early marriage and restrictions on relationships, all of which can have negative impacts on mental health and wellbeing.

To address such concerns, members of the very communities that Project Man Marziyaan aims to serve, will engage with Adivasi youth of all genders ages 15 and up through a 12 month youth program in 2 bastis of Gond and other Adivasi communities. The program will cover topics such as body image, bullying, gender, SRHR, health and hygiene, menstrual health, mental health, and counselling skills for a few identified youth to become peer counsellors, who will receive further training. Members of Project Man Marziyaan also provide direct counselling support to youth in these bastis, make linkages for further mental health care, and access to entitlements such as ration cards and identity cards.