Positive YUVA Network Association

They offer various services, including psychosocial support, health promotions, creating leaders, making them self-reliant, etc. They are also actively engaged in raising awareness in schools and communities to reduce the stigma associated with PLHIV and LGBTQIA+ individuals. The core team members have the lived experience of navigating life in care homes during their formative years.

Their own challenges in reintegrating into society as care leavers have fueled their commitment to assisting other transitioning youths. Moreover, they focus on empowering individuals through education, job placement assistance, and mental health support via peer support group sessions and individual counselling. In their efforts to work for the LGBTQIA+ community, the Positive YUVA Network Association prioritises crisis intervention and mental health services, recognising their unique challenges.

Project with MHI:

MHI has partnered with the Positive Yuva Network Association to work with youths living with HIV in care homes across six districts of Rajasthan as they prepare to reintegrate into society. The project’s objective is to provide them with mental health services and conduct sensitization sessions focusing on mental health and sexual education for the youths. Additionally, they will conduct skill-building sessions and facilitate exposure visits to familiarize them with various job and educational opportunities to provide a safe and inclusive environment.