If they have access to the same training, opportunities, and resources as people from privileged backgrounds, they can become revolutionary leaders - more innovative, compassionate, and resilient due to their life experiences.

Kranti embraces an exploratory learning style. They want their Krantikaris to be curious, innovative, life-long learners. Each Krantikari has her dreams, mission, and vision for success, and they will do what it takes to help her achieve it. While much learning takes place in the classroom, they believe that true education has 'Life' in its curriculum. That is why they attend workshops and local theatre productions and  explore the world. 

The social justice curriculum of Kranti covers 20 topics and includes caste, class, religion, environment, gender/sexuality and women's rights. Through workshops, documentaries, theatre, guest speakers, and field visits, the girls learn about the root causes of India's social justice problems, the current situation, and how they can help solve them. The ‘Krantikaris’ or Revolutionaries have led dozens of interactive workshops across India for over 20,000 people at schools, companies, and NGOs. Topics range from trafficking and sex work to gender equality and sexual abuse.

Project with MHI:
Access to stable housing is a critical sustainability challenge for Kranti. Due to societal exclusion and discrimination, multiple leases and agreements have been broken, leading to overnight homelessness for Kranti members. Living in survival mode because of this affects the full range of Kranti's mission and activities, as well as members and their pursuit of innovative dreams and social change. MHI is funding to create stable housing for the Krantikaris. This project is in tune with Kranti’s view of mental health, that one must have access to basic rights, safety, and freedom from violence to have good mental health. MHI is also funding their social justice curriculum for young girls and women of Kranti and also from their partner organisations.

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