Unlearn Foundation

Most of the team members are ex-prison inmates who have designed and implemented the tailored programs drawing upon their experiences of incarceration with an aim for the system to adopt and implement these programs in the long term. Through these tailored programs, it provides marginalised groups and inmates with vital support, including legal aid, mental health services, education, and life skills training. Furthermore, the foundation offers post-release support, empowering individuals to reintegrate into society and break the cycle of crime. Currently operational in Dehradun and Delhi prisons, the foundation aims to ensure equality and address societal violence and crime.

Project with MHI:

MHI is partnering with Unlearn Foundation to develop a peer-to-peer support system for inmates in Dehradun prison to address the mental well-being of first-time prisoners. The project will develop tools for anger management, conflict resolution, and suicide prevention to train identified prisoners. These tools will train prisoners, who will then provide emotional support to fellow prisoners in distress. Additionally, the team will advocate with the Bureau of Police Research and Development, Prison Training Institute, Director Generals (DGs), and other NGOs to institutionalise this model in various prisons.