Trust for Youth and Child Leadership

Given Pondicherry's status as a Union Territory with a high suicide rate, TYCL has incorporated a mental health component into its core work. Taking a unique social approach to youth suicide prevention, TYCL offers services such as the Puducherry Youth Helpline and the Mobile Mental Health Clinic. These services aim to address the social determinants of youth suicidality by providing counseling, job assistance, career guidence and other programs related to mental health awareness, self-defense training (beyond physical defense), positive masculinity training for young boys and men, as well as free vocational courses in designing and Photoshop for youth to increase employability.


Work with MHI: 

Since April 2023, TYCL and MHI have partnered to provide support for mental health interventions and suicide prevention work in Pondicherry. The project includes the following programs and activities:

Mobile Mental Health Clinic – The First and only Psychological First Aid outreach in the rural communities of Pondicherry done through volunteers. 

“Puducherry Youth Helpline (YHL): +91 9655507090”: Personalised tele-counselling through calls and chat feature in the native language (Tamil).

Youth Mental Health Training - Training of Trainers (ToT) and community gatekeepers training programs through a set of sessions that build perspective, knowledge, and capacity to handle fellow youth with mental health challenges. 

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