Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal

Recognizing the government's limitation in providing mental health services for this vulnerable population, a group of professional social workers came together to establish a shelter home cum rehabilitation centre on the outskirts of Ahmednagar. This 80-bed facility not only focuses on rehabilitating homeless persons with mental illness but also ensures the protection of property rights for those abandoned by their families. Foregrounding the agency of women, they offer legal assistance in collaboration with DLSA to survivors of sexual violence residing in their centre.

To prevent homelessness and raise awareness about mental health in society, they conduct awareness campaigns through activities such as street plays and movie screenings in rural areas of Ahmednagar.

Project with MHI:

MHI has partnered with Shree Amrutvahini Gramvikas Mandal to support their organizational development, facilitate the reintegration of residents in society, and advocate with relevant stakeholders for the availability and accessibility of mental health services for homeless individuals with mental illness in the State of Maharashtra.