Savitri Fatima Foundation for Inclusive Development

There is a lack of meaningful and liberating community spaces in urban areas, particularly for those coming from economically backward sections. Women face discrimination both at home and outside, which impacts their mental health, but have no access to public domestic spaces to take a breather in. The foundation through its initiative, aims to address this gap and build a friendly therapeutic space that provides women a break from their social and domestic responsibilities. They hope that the space can be sustainable over the long term, which will also open up the possibility of creating more such spaces for them. 

Project with MHI 

The project, Guftagu, hopes to be a space that is active, progressive, creative, and intellectually stimulating, with feminist ideals at the core and the potential to grow and evolve with time and be a precursor for work on a range of issues. It will be a safe space for women and give them a chance to engage in different activities organized there. MHI is supporting the setting up and the activation of this space in Mumbra.