Sadbhavna Trust

Sadbhavna Trust works in the bastis of Lucknow, where the majority belongs to the marginalised communities. Women and girls tend to be left behind in terms of empowerment, financial independence, and livelihood opportunities and also face violence. Sadbhavna’s vision is social transformation to create a more gender-just society, empowering women and girls to challenge patriarchal norms and change their life circumstances. Their work, therefore, spans areas of gender-based violence, collectivization, leadership and skill development, forging partnerships with other NGOs and preparing pedagogy to promote feminist leadership for broader dissemination and advocacy. The time spent in conducting activities with the community is an opportunity for the mobilisers to identify various issues and concerns that young girls and women encounter, either routinely and/or during crises. These are presented to the team to collectively decide on solutions and methods to combat challenges.

Project with MHI

They hope to build community leaders who will work on issues of GBV arising in their bastis, organize safe spaces and work on the perspective building on gender issues of young women associated with them. Their leadership programme has paved the way for girls and young women to become feminist role models in their communities. They hope to incorporate and build their staff’s and community leaders’ capacities to provide mental health support as part of ongoing work.

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