In 2012, their flagship football program was launched, which brought together young marginalized women and girls from diverse socio-religious backgrounds from settlements in Mumbai and Mumbra. This program aims to deliver the empowered development of young women and girls through sports, and to work against the politics of hate and socio-religious divisions. Parcham also engages marginalized youth on citizenship education, so that they can grow into active participants in public life.

In 2020, Parcham conducted a study with youth marginalized by religion about their experiences with employment and livelihoods in the context of discrimination that they face. The findings of their study, along with their experience with the football initiatives and academy for young marginalized women and girls have made clear that financial empowerment for young marginalized women is an important tool for their resistance against oppressive forces in life, and a safeguard for their mental health. Similarly, the study’s findings of workplace discrimination, harassment, and stressors of job loss/lack of access to jobs and financial responsibilities indicate a need to work on employment, employability, life skills, and career counselling for marginalized youth and their families.

Project with MHI

Parcham’s life skills and career development program addresses mental health stressors of marginalized youth by providing them with career counselling and guidance.Parcham also works with the families of young people, so that they receive support and encouragement to pursue their careers and higher education. The project also supports youth with exam-related anxiety, in applications for scholarships and conducts workshops on employability skills, such as resume writing, networking etc. Exposure visits are also organized for the youth to develop a better understanding of what particular careers look like. 

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