Nayi Disha Resource Centre

Their platform serves as a support system, source of resources, helplines, and expert networks with a vision to empower families of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to support their children in achieving their true potential. They work at the intersection of IDD and mental health. Caregiving can negatively impact caregivers' mental health; if a caregiver's mental health is not well, it directly affects the children with IDD. Identifying this problem, Nayi Disha has developed three key pillars of work:- Knowledge Hub, Online Caregiver Community which also acts as a support group, and the National Directory of Services. Nayi Disha’s resource directory serves as a platform through which services can be availed for those who may not know where and how to begin this challenging journey. These services intend to benefit children with IDD, caregivers, occupational therapists, inclusive schools, speech therapists, counselors, specialist doctors, etc. From the time of its inception, Nayi Disha has trained more than 6000 caregivers/parents on various topics and counseled more than 7000 caregivers through their helpline. Many of those who benefit from Nayi Disha's services become parent champions and they take ownership of the program by implementing and expanding the work of Nayi Disha in the respective communities.

Project with MHI: 

Their project with MHI aims to create Sustainable Support Communities in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and Indore, Madhya Pradesh, for the mental health and well-being of mothers of children with developmental disabilities. By facilitating access to support groups, information, resources, counseling, and therapy for them, Nayi Disha is providing a crucial service, one that also supports a mother to address her/their mental health and advocate for their rights.