Law Foundation, Bihar


LAW Foundation, Bihar

As part of his Criminal Justice Fellowship with TISS in 2016, Praveen Kumar, one of the Founder members of the LAW Foundation worked with undertrial prisoners in Beur central prison, where he proved the potential of trained social work intervention in the criminal justice system. Inspired by his experiences, the co-founders collaborated with Praveen to start long-term interventions in prisons in the state of Bihar.  Collaboration is the bedrock of the Law Foundation’s work and processes: wherein they use strategies such as advocacy, capacity building, relationship building, network building, awareness and leadership development by collaborating with the District Legal Services Authority, Child Rights Centre, CNLU Patna and other non-governmental organizations.

Project with MHI

MHI is partnering with the LAW Foundation to strengthen mental health support through the services of a social work professional to work closely with the prisoners and their families for sustainable mental health and long-term rehabilitation. The project will also facilitate counselling services and promote awareness in prisons on help seeking for mental health conditions in District Jail Ara and Model Central Prison, Beur in Patna, Bihar. The project will facilitate bail bonds, rehabilitation and social re-integration of under-trial prisoners booked under the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Amendment Act 2018. Instruments such as Personal Recognizance Bail Bond under Sec 436A, The Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr. P. C) and Probation of the Offender Act 1958 will be applied to facilitate the release of under-trials languishing in jails. Mental health care facilities and access to physical treatment will be advocated within prisons by this project.

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