Brave Souls Foundation

Brave Souls Foundation is a group of social activists, lawyers, and researchers dedicated to addressing the preventive and curative aspects of acid attacks and gender-based violence. Their focus extends beyond the physical rehabilitation of survivors to encompass their mental well-being and pursuit of justice through legal means. By leveraging the legal system, conducting awareness programs, and launching social campaigns, they aim to prevent acid attacks by regulating the sale of acids, securing free and quality medical treatment for survivors, and facilitating their dignified employment.

At present, the foundation's shelter home, Apna Ghar, offers accommodation, including food and travel assistance for medical treatment, to acid attack survivors in Delhi for a period of three years or until they achieve economic rehabilitation. Additionally, they provide legal aid to survivors, helping them navigate the legal system to seek justice and fair compensation. Through their multifaceted interventions, BSF strives to raise awareness and reduce the social stigma faced by acid attack survivors while fostering greater acceptance of these individuals. Their ultimate objective is to empower survivors to overcome all obstacles they encounter, ranging from legal battles to medical challenges and life skills development, allowing them to emerge as strong, independent, and confident individuals.

Project with MHI:

In collaboration with Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI), Brave Souls Foundation will extend their work to survivors of acid attacks from Punjab and Haryana. Their efforts will encompass providing medical assistance, livelihood support, legal aid, and counseling to survivors from these states, to ensure they get access to justice and fair compensation.