Ashiyana’s mission is to create transformative and healing environments within Child Care Institutions (CCIs) in India. The foundation firmly believes that when provided with enabling and supportive ecosystems, at-risk children aged 12-14 who are victims of difficult circumstances can reintegrate as contributing members of society. Ashiyana works with Children in Conflict with the Law (CCL) and Children in Need of Care and Protection (CNCP).  They provide legal guidance and support to equip the children with work ethics and job skills. They also work with families of the children, lawyers, juvenile justice boards, employers, volunteers and all those who influence children’s lives. Their work aims to change the narratives around justice from punitive to restorative. The organisation aims to empower marginalised youth to break cycles of poverty and crime through behaviour change. 

Project with MHI: 

With MHI, Ashiyana plans to work at Umerkhadi Observation Home, which is one of the seven child care institutions run by the Children’s Aid Society, housing children in conflict with the law. Institutions can be very traumatising for children. Many of them show self-harming tendencies, anger issues and mental distress. Most Child Care Institutions have no appointments or budgets for a counsellor, despite it being a component of the Juvenile Justice Act. Ashiyana will provide mental health and counselling services, along with reflective and arts-based sessions for the children. This program would centre access to mental health services for the children. Ashiyana also aims to raise awareness on stressors, and self-regulation, encourage relationships between children, their families and others inside the Child Care Institution and reduce self-harm among children.