Aneka Trust

Aneka was established 15 years ago and has engaged in several programmes to bring LGBTQIA+ people together, promote leadership within the communities, research, interfaith dialogues, form community-based organisations, and advocate addressing issues of Sexuality and gender minority communities. The major issue facing the community tends to be around the stigma and discrimination they face, thereby affecting their access to educational and employment opportunities and, hence, their mental health. The organization is led by persons who are from diverse gender and sexual identities and understand the importance of peer counselling for members of the community, given their openness to speak to someone who relates to their unique difficulties and challenges.

Project with MHI:

Aneka plans to promote their peer mental health programme in the Belgaum and Bijapur districts of Karnataka by identifying and training 10 members across the two districts in counselling to reach the LGBTQIA+ community, gender non-conforming children, and their parents. They also hope to undertake advocacy across different departments at the district level: education, health, police, ICPS, women and child development.