We've been busy this quarter at MHI!!!

We released our second edition of ReFrame: Bridging the Care Gap (a journal that challenges existing norms and explores diverse voices within the mental health space), launched a new peer-support-based module in partnership with Queer collectives & organisations, teamed-up with a global campaign 'Speak Your Mind' to advocate for mental health for all and brought on-board 'Basic Needs India' our partner in providing community-based mental health care services.



PEER-SUPPORT PRACTICE (PSP). MHI recently launched a module, PSP, that uses knowledge from the margins, highlights good practices, ethics and challenges a top-down hierarchy of psy-expert/clinical paradigms in important ways. PSP claims experience and lived reality as valid knowledge that often doesn’t get represented in mainstream ‘expert led’ practice. MHI is partnering with Queer collectives and organisations that have been providing invaluable support to individuals for decades. The PSP module borrows from mental health practice skills to work with support seekers, ethics around power & boundary setting. Read More

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ReFrame: Bridging the Care Gap

REFRAME: BRIDGING THE CARE GAP. We're excited to announce the release of our second edition of ReFrame—a journal that challenges existing norms and explores diverse voices within the mental health space. This year, the theme for ReFrame is ‘Bridge the Care Gap' and through a compilation of articles of lived-experiences, from marginalised voices and based on alternative constructs to the Western-centric, bio-medical supply-demand equation of mental health care—we aim to we frame a comprehensive approach to mental health and social care needs that can be used to design interventions, services,
support and advocacy. Download your copy today!

Speak Your Mind

Silence. That is how the world has treated #MentalHealth. Governments & leaders have been ignoring it, expecting us to stay quiet. Every #40seconds someone dies by suicide. It is time to demand change.  

World Mental Health Day is just around the corner and we’d like to ‘storm Twitter’ with you  promoting  #SpeakYourMind (SYM) a global advocacy campaign involving mental health activists and organisations from 15 countries. The idea is for people the world over to “Speak Your Mind” for 40 seconds to political leaders, asking them to invest in mental health, educate the public and empower people with lived experience and collaborate with them to develop and deliver more effective, inclusive mental health systems that uphold human rights

When: 10th October, 3-4 pm
Hashtags to promote: #40seconds, #WorldMentalHealthDay, #SpeakYourMind.
Message: Every #40seconds someone in the world dies by suicide. We need our leaders to educate, invest & empower for mental health for all. Join @gospeakyourmind and share your voice in the #40seconds #SpeakYourMind petition for a mental health revolution.
Visuals: Upload an image of yourself/your team using the 'Speak Your Mind' pose


Despite evidence of the impact that disasters have on mental health, disaster response approaches traditionally have not included mental health services. Disaster preparedness and response activities focus solely on immediate humanitarian needs such as protection, water, sanitation, shelter, food and health. Consequently, although disaster-related distress is highly prevalent in affected communities, those experiencing such distress usually have no recourse. Having decades of experience implementing community-based mental health programs  in some of the disaster-affected districts of Odisha, MHI-partner BNI planned a psychosocial intervention in six of the most affected blocks of Odisha. BNI’s approach works both to sensitise government functionaries as well as leverage community volunteers to address the psychosocial needs of affected communities. Read More 


In the wake of Cafe Coffee Day's founder VG Siddhartha's death by suicide, Harsh Mariwala speaks to The Times of India on the importance of managing stress at the workplace and his mental health initiative MHI.


The #SOS show promotes a series of podcasts intended to expand the discussion around mental health — and has so far covered some great topics:
#MentalHealthCareAct  #CommunityMentalHealth  #MentalHealthCareGivers


A deep-dive into caregivers of persons living with mental health conditions who often face burnout, fatigue, financial stress and social isolation in the process of providing care. 


MHI's partner Anubhuti runs a school-based Mental Health Justice programme in marginalized communities Read more