Thar Mahila Sansthan

The organization is dedicated to empowering young girls and women from marginalised communities in the region. Recognising the intersectionality of oppression within patriarchal and caste structures, Thar Mahila Sansthan employs a social justice framework to focus on mental well-being and suicide prevention of communities, especially women from marginalised caste locations. They facilitate access to rights and social security schemes and address systemic barriers faced by Dalit, Bahujan, and Adivasi women. They work with women’s and youth groups to intervene in cases of child and forced marriages, domestic violence, sexual violence, barriers to education, etc.

Moreover, the organisation also provides livelihood opportunities for women and advocates for fair wages for the women working in MNREGA. Thar Mahila Sansthan embodies a commitment to holistic empowerment, striving to dismantle systemic inequalities while fostering community resilience and self-determination among women in Barmer.

Project with MHI:

MHI is partnering with Thar Mahila Sansthan to conduct action research in four blocks of Barmer district, Rajasthan, to understand the causes of suicides among women in the region and ways to prevent them. They will work with the caste panchayats through campaigns to mobilise their support in preventing suicides. They will also provide mental health support to women in distress, create awareness among women about their rights and social security schemes and enable them to access them.