People’s Voice

By being actively present as a first responder in incidents of violence and keeping the voice of the victims at the centre, People's Voice has ensured relief and justice. Presently, no organisation or group is working on the rights of SC/ST/Minorities/Women or other marginalised groups in this region. The organisation has built strong relationships with various human rights activists and lawyers and has also trained many community members who now work with the organisation. People's Voice has, over the years, been able to ensure compensation to victims in SC/ST atrocity cases and has also worked on connecting people with government schemes and rights. They work with children through libraries and advocate with police, administration and education department officials at block and district levels on issues of discrimination against Dalit children in public schools, such as involving them in manual scavenging, incidents of untouchability, etc.

Project with MHI

The organisation will continue working to challenge the prejudice and discrimination women face in the form of gender and caste-based violence. They plan to organise meetings in villages to create awareness of rights and address social issues through community participation. Their team will interact with the community by making visits, identifying the stressors, and providing counselling. With MHI’s support, they hope to improve outreach in villages, provide mental health support, and take up issues of violence and discrimination with the relevant government authorities.