GeoHazards Society

GHS has strong linkages with Government Organizations and civil society and conducts programmes on community preparedness, school safety, health facility safety, structural and non-structural risk assessment & mitigation, and engineers & architects training programmes on risk mitigation. They have been partnering with various institutions for the visually impaired, children with autism etc. to develop them into a comprehensive disaster-prepared campus by building the capacity of the teachers and caregivers to ensure preparedness. Their interventions have led to reducing death and suffering–particularly among children, as well as reducing disaster losses by helping vulnerable communities recognize their risk and the methods to manage it.

Project with MHI:

GHS has proposed to carry out Disaster Preparedness and Capacity Building Training Program in 6 institutions across states. The institutions work with persons with various disabilities who would be most vulnerable to disasters and face additional challenges due to difficulties in understanding and/or responding to emergency situations.

Recognising and addressing these vulnerabilities is crucial to developing effective disaster preparedness plans in these special schools. GHS will support the institutions concerned in developing individualised emergency plans for students, considering their specific needs, abilities, and potential challenges, and establishing clear and accessible communication systems. They will also collaborate with local emergency management agencies, community organizations, and healthcare providers to ensure coordinated disaster response efforts and access to specialized resources. Comprehensive training will be imparted to staff, and caregivers so that they can train the students on various steps to ensure the safety of all occupants of the facility and would include basic disaster awareness, putting in place a Safety Committee to also ensure that all new actions and activities incorporate elements of safety in the conceptual stage. There will also be risk assessment and mitigation, preparedness planning and drills.