Bhor Foundation

Bhor Foundation- Bhor Foundation is a registered, not for profit trust in New Delhi, India. Founded by Jhilmil Breckenridge and Namarita Kathait, Bhor’s work focuses on mental health advocacy, centering the voices and experiences of persons with mental illness and advocating for a social lens to view trauma and healing. Bhor Foundation’s work promotes deinstitutionalization and critiques the biomedical model of mental health
MHI is proud to support ‘Merchants of Madness’- a Festival collaboration between Bhor Foundation and The Red Door on the 1st and 2nd of September 2018 in New Delhi. The festival is a way to express, share and co-exist with madness through art and performance and will, in particular, highlight narrative and stories of users and survivors of mental illness and mental health services.

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