Minority distress stemming from social exclusion and deprivation


Bebaak Collective

Over time, with the rising onslaught against marginalised communities, particularly Muslims, Bebaak Collective evolved into an advocacy group. Bebaak’s literal translation is ‘fearless’— reflective of its members’ struggle against majoritarian politics, declining socio-economic conditions and political representation of Muslims — despite prevalent fear and insecurity. Bebaak works in solidarity with the women’s movements and human rights groups to reclaim democratic spaces and institutions and campaign for equal citizenship rights of Muslims. Bebaak walks a tightrope to ensure both minority rights and gender equality.

Systemic discrimination, communal violence and ingrained social prejudice takes a significant toll on the mental health of the Muslim community — in particular that of Muslim women, who confront multiple axes of oppression. Muslims self-report high incidence of emotional stress, fear and insecurity. Bebaak Collective works in partnership with MHI to facilitate access to affordable mental health services for under-resourced Muslim communities, as well as to sensitize mental health practitioners on minority distress stemming from social exclusion and deprivation.