Group Counselling Session


Schizophrenia Awareness Association

SAA works from the premise that awareness helps in early detection of mental  illnesses and initiation of treatment before aggravation sets in. The organization therefore works on raising public awareness of mental illnesses  and reducing related stigma—via public discourse, multimedia communication, caregivers’ support groups etc. SAA also runs a Day Rehabilitation Center for persons with mental illness in Pune, to assist in rehabilitating via complementary/expressive therapies — music, painting, clay work, dance, singing, drama, yoga, gardening, cooking, embroidery, tailoring, sports and aerobics, besides counselling. 

Mariwala Health Initiative funds SAA’s Art-Based Therapy (ABT)  program which uses art forms in an evidence-based process within a therapeutic framework. ABT has been proven to better mood and affect, enhance comprehension of tasks, increase levels of confidence and self-efficacy, improve speech, communication, perception, cognition, expression of emotions and attention span as well as enhance symptom management—and has effectively been used to enhance therapeutic outcomes.

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