Jeeva Trust


With long-standing expertise in crisis intervention and community work in Karnataka, Jeeva found that in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, community members have been facing compounded and multifaceted crises spanning from loss of livelihoods due to lockdowns and experiencing violence and discrimination due to being falsely blamed for the spread of COVID-19. These challenges were especially felt in rural areas where less support and resources for persons marginalized by gender and sexuality exist, and capacities of CBOs to respond to crisis cases have historically been less supported than work in urban settings. While Jeeva responds to crisis cases and provides mental health support across Karnataka, it has been imperative to strengthen existing local support to respond to mental health needs of the community, as in-person support as opposed to online support in the need of the community.

Project with MHI

In the MHI-supported project, Jeeva builds capacities of community leaders from rural/semi-rural districts in Karnataka to provide mental health support, facilitate linkages, and generate awareness on mental health through community existing networks and CBOs working in HIV/AIDS in Karnataka.

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