Workshop on Mental Health and Community Distress


The Blue Dawn

The Blue Dawn works both to connect persons from these marginalized communities to affordable and accessible mental health services, as well as build the capacity of mental health practitioners to provide psychosocial support to those experiencing mental distress on account of social hierarchies (of caste, class, ability, gender, sexuality among others) and systemic discrimination. To enable both outcomes, The Blue Dawn organises workshops and training programs for persons living with mental illnesses, students, activists, social workers and mental health professionals. It also facilitates sponsorships for therapy sessions. 

MHI will partner with The Blue Dawn to develop two training modules on Caste and Mental Health for mental health professionals and youth from marginalized communities. The Blue Dawn will develop and pilot test these training modules across two States initially (Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal), focusing on smaller, three-tier cities. The Blue Dawn will also run a Fellowship Program for youth from three-tier towns and cities, so as to build a cohort of sensitized youth leaders across the country, who would go on to promote similar messages of caste and mental health.