We look at innovative mental health projects that focus on human rights and are accessible to the marginalized communities.


Mind games: Startups ensure mental illness is not a lonely battle
Date: 20.09.18

Forbes talks about MHI and our partners' work.

How Being A Queer Feminist Shaped My Approach To Mental Health
Date: 31.01.18

Article by our Chief Adviser Shruti Chakravarty on Youth Ki Awaaz

The gaps in the Mental Healthcare Act
Date: 26.12.17

The Mental Healthcare Act suffers from several gaps that the original Bill had covered

From mentoring to encouraging mental health startups, Harsh Mariwala 2.0 is as busy as with Marico
Date: 26.12.17

Harsh Mariwala is investing in organisations and startups that are part of the mental health scale up initiative.

Mental health disorders: India's invisible epidemic
Date: 19.12.17

"The mental health of children and adolescents has suddenly become a cause of concern in India."

Mariwala commits to fund mental health projects
Date: 18.12.17

MHI plans to create a mental health ecosystem in India

Rajvi Mariwala On Need For Mental Health Awareness & Interventions
Date: 25.11.17

She The People writes about MHI's views on mental health

Awareness leads to better outcomes for mental health in India, says MHI
Date: 17.11.17

Article about MHI on

India'a Mental Health Woes
Date: 31.10.17

Nearly 150 million citizens suffer from common mental disorders

The Mental Health Care Crisis In Indian Campuses
Date: 30.10.17

Research shows that the causes of student suicides are varied and intersectional.

Press Trust of India Coverage of Our Website Launch
Date: 10.10.17

Harsh Mariwala Launches Mariwala Health Initiative.

The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017
Date: 06.10.17

View the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017