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  • Residential Course on Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP)

    Mariwala Health Initiative (MHI) and Center for Health and Mental Health , TISS announce a 6-day ...Read More

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  • Professional Solidarity : What Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice Means To Me As A Mental Health Practitioner

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  • Nominated Representative and Queer Lives

    On care giving, stigma, natal families and families of choice and the Nominated Representative Cl...Read More

  • Bridge the Care Gap Campaign

    Despite the high incidence of mental health problems, the focus of the State has been centered on...Read More

  • Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice, Bangalore

    “An apology in essence has two dimensions, namely the acknowledgment of having done a wrong and t...Read More

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